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The Kismet Rapid Boil Cordless Electric Tea Kettle brings a whole range of new conveniences to your kitchen.

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Rapid Boil Electric Tea Kettle 

Use it to make tea, instant coffee and hot chocolate. Use it for instant snacks and foods such as noodles, soups or oatmeal. Use it to pre-boil water for cooking potatoes, vegetables and all types of pastas in stovetop saucepans and skillets - it makes meal preparation so much easier.

The cordless jug kettle receives its power from a separate base. When the water is boiled, simply lift it from the base and carry it anywhere for serving. Even when full of hot water, the jug kettle's stay-cool design allows it to be placed on counter tops without risk of heat damage.

The kettle automatically switches off after reaching boiling point - every time. It also features a safety thermostat which cuts the power if the kettle is accidentally switched on without water.

Kismet Rapid Boil Electric Tea Kettle $33.95


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