Horlicks, Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, Cocoa from British Delights

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Cocoa, Cadburys Drinking Chocolate, Horlicks malted milk



horlicksHorlicks Malted Milk

  Qty/Case Weight Each
CAD32 Cadburys Drinking Chocolate

A perfect pick me up or good night drink.

12 250g $4.70 
12 500g $7.50 
HD24 Horlicks Malted Milk

Horlicks malted milk, a nourishing malted food drink which combines the wholesome goodness of malted barley, wheat and dairy ingredients. Just add milk.

12 200g $3.95 
HD25 12 300g $5.95 
HD26 6 500g $9.50 
CAD33 Cadburys Bournvita

Cadburys leading hot chocolate brand. Now relaunched with an even stronger taste.

12 200g $4.68 
CAD332 12 400g $8.50 
CAD333 Cadburys Cocoa

The original Cadbury's Chocolate Drink. Still popular today.

12 125g $3.25 
CAD334 12 250g $5.95 
HD02 Ovaltine

British Ovaltine stands for the innocence, comfort, wholesomeness and safety of English childhood. Though primarily a children's drink, Ovaltine was supplied to the armed forces in both world wars.

12 200g $5.95 
HD6 Camps Coffee Essence

A unique syrup blend of coffee and chicory, made by McCormick's of Scotland. Pour some over ice and top up your glass with milk and you have a tasty treat you just can't beat. 

12 250ml $7.50 


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