Clotted Cream, Devon Cream from British Delights

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"Double Devon Cream" and Clotted Cream: A potted history.

Both Devon and Cornwall - counties in the South West of England - are famous for their thick cream, which is mainly produced on farms, and in small dairies.
The most famous of all is 'Clotted Cream' which achieves its thick clotted texture by heating cream of high-fat breed cows, such as the Jersey type, in pans, traditionally made of copper but latterly stainless steel, to about 190f and allowing it to cool slowly. In the farmhouses, the pans were heated crudely over a fire or stove and the cream was rich in acid and aroma-producing bacteria. Dairy or factory methods were much better controlled, using steam heated pans. The cream is usually packed in shallow trays a few inches deep and forms a yellow crusty surface. The consistency is thick and heavy, almost like treacle, and is traditionally served by scooping the cream out into cups or small cartons.


Devon Cream Weight Each
CR01 Devon Cream 5.6oz $5.32 Devon cream is so versatile it can be simply spooned straight from the jar on to apple pie, scones, strawberry shortcake or muffins.
CR02 Devon Cream 16oz $12.95
Clotted Cream
CR05 Clotted Cream   5.6oz $5.75 Clotted cream achieves its thick texture by heating cream of high fat breed cows in pans to about 190F.
CR06 Clotted Cream Mini  1oz $1.85
CR09 Clotted Cream 16oz $15.95
 More Delicious Alternatives  
CR08 Clotted Cream/Brandy 6oz $6.95  

Scone Mix & Strawberry Jam

D1 Greens Scone Mix


box $2.95

Tiptree's Little Scarlet strawberry jam, a unique product which is very difficult to make. The tiny little "Fraises de Bois" strawberries are incredibly flavorful, but it takes a great many to make up a jar of jam. Hence the limted supply and high price. Nevertheless it puts all other strawberry jam to shame.

TT23 Little Scarlet Strawberry Preserve


11oz $15.95


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