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Not sure what to give? British Delights Gift Certificates make a thoughtful gift for anyone. They are available in multiples of $1 denominations. Our New electronic gift certificates are redeemable electronically and may be used any number of times until their purchase value is exhausted. How does it work? 1) Order your gift certificate by selecting the link below. 2) Our certificates come in $1 denominations. Select the value of the certificate you want to give by entering the required quantity for the gift certificate product. eg for a $25 certificate select a quantity of 25. 3) Checkout. 4) In the checkout process enter the details of the recipient in the shipping fields and your own details in the billing fields. 5) Wait for your certificate to be verified and activated (normally within 24 hours). An email will be sent to the recipient containing a secure gift certificate code. It will explain how to redeem their certificate electronically on our site (or in person at our store). An order confirmation will be sent to you. Redeeming Certificates 1) Your recipient will be able to redeem their certificate against any number of store purchases (until its value is used up) by entering their secure gift certificate code in the box provided on our checkout page. 2) The purchases made against a gift certificate and the amount remaining on a gift certificate can be reviewed by clicking on the View Certificate link above and entering your secure gift certificate code.
british delights gift certificate

Gift Certificate

GC6British Delights Gift Certificate$1.00


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