British Delights - Spotted Dick & Treacle Sponge Pudding


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Desserts & Cake Mixes


Qty/Box Weight Each
D101 Greens Crumble Mix  Instant toppings for your fruit crumble desserts. 12 box $2.25 
D5 Ambrosia Rice Pudding 12 15oz $3.95 
D57 Ambrosia Semolina Pudding 12 15oz $2.95 
D6 Ambrosia Devon Custard 24 15oz $4.45 


Sponge Puddings


D7 Heinz Spotted Dick
Spotted Dick is a steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit, usually currants. The dessert is especially popular in the United Kingdom, usually served either with custard or with butter and brown sugar. Spotted refers to the currants (which resemble spots), and Dick is a corruption of the word dough.
6 tin $6.30 
D8 Heinz Treacle Pudding 6 tin $3.55 
D9 Heinz Sponge Strawberry 6 tin $3.55 
D10 Heinz  Sticky Toffee Pudding 6 tin $3.55 
D11 Heinz Sponge Chocolate 6 tin $4.95 


 Aunty's Sponge Puddings


AU02 Auntys Chocolate Fudge pudding 2pk 6 2pk $3.95 
AU03 Auntys Golden Syrup pudding 2pk 6 2pk $3.95 
AU04 Auntys Strawberry Jam pudding 2pk 6 2pk $1.98 
AU05 Auntys Caramel pudding 2pk 6 2pk $3.95 
AU06 Auntys Spotted Dick pudding 2pk 6 2pk $3.95 


 Cole's  Luxury  Sponge Puddings


CO06 Coles Luxury spotted dick pudding 2pk 6 2pk $7.04 
CO07 Coles Luxury sticky toffee pudding 2pk 6 2pk $7.04 
CO08 Coles ginger and orange pudding 2pk 6 2pk $7.04 
CO11 Coles treacle pudding 2pk 6 2pk $7.04 


Baking and Mixes


D14 Lyles Golden Syrup 12  1lb $4.25 
D145 Lyle Golden Syrup Squeezy 12  300g $3.38 
D15 Lyles Black Treacle 12 1lb $3.75 
D22 Atora Vegetable Suet 10 Box $4.20 



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